QUARTZDEK is a performance polyurethane resin, aliphatic isocyanate-based, that cures upon reaction with atmospheric moisture, giving hard and flexible coatings with good abrasion, scratch and weather resistance.

QUARTZDEK has been developed from proven technology used extensively in Europe during the past 25 years for the renovation of balconies and terraces. These areas are often considered to be our ‘private retreats’ where sunshine and relaxation can be enjoyed. However, the constantly changing climate together with mechanical wear and tear can soon turn our pleasure into a nightmare.

Moisture formed as a result of rain, snow or frost can penetrate the substrate of the floor through cracks in the surface or poorly formed joints and consequently through adjacent walls and ceilings of balconies below.

The effects of this process can be quite devastating with the damage which dampness can cause internally not to mention the structural deterioration caused by corrosion of steel reinforced bars and balustrade

Application of QUARTZDEK to balconies and terraces will not only prevent damage and deterioration as described above but will provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for your benefit.