Tech Seal

Tech Seal PU is a single component, high performing liquid polyurethane membrane that cures to form a tough and seamless membrane which offers a strong and durable waterproof coating.

Tech Seal PU is recommended for use on flat roof overlay systems and can be used on traditional built-up roofing in both new construction and refurbishment projects. Its cold-applied seamless finish makes it ideal for roofs, green roofs, balconies, terraces, podium decks and gutters and as a detailing product for other roofing systems, including asphalt, bituminous felt, concrete, single ply, and metal surfaces

How to Apply

1. Clean substrate of any loose materials, dirt, grease etc and dry the surface.
2. Do not apply any Primer or Base Coat to a wet surface
3. Tape and fill in any joints/cracks with PU Sealant.
4. Where a primer is required – apply as per the instructions, and allow the primer to dry.
5. Apply the Base Coat of 1 kg per sq m to all upstands and roof outlets/details, While the Base Coat is wet, roll in the FG Mesh and make sure the reinforcement is saturated.
6. Apply the Base Coat of 1 kg per sq m to all the flat areas and again roll in the FG Mesh Reinforcement and make sure this reinforcement is saturated, Allow to dry (4- 5 hours depending on the temperature and humidity )7. After the Base Coat is dry inspect the Base Coat to see if any FG Mesh is sticking up/Wicking – and if so sand/abrade the fibres to achieve a flat finish.
8. Apply the final dark grey Top Coat of 1 kg per sq m over all the upstands/Roof-Outlets/details and then over all the flatroof area.